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Canopy - 15x15

"EZ UP" type.You can put up the canopy with two people.

Canopy - "EZ UP" 10x10

Easily put up by two people.

Canopy - Hexagon 1040 sq ft

1040 Sq Ft, high spire. A tent with a slightly different shape that demands oooh's and ahhh's.

Canopy - Hexagon 808 sq ft

808 Sq Ft-high spire .A smaller version of the 1040 hexagon.

Canopy - Party 20x20 400sq ft

20x20 Keep your guests dry from a light shower or in shade from the hot sun.

Canopy - Wedding 20x20 400 sq ft

20x20 high spire. A beautiful tent. Just think what the skyline would look like with two or more put together.

Canopy Sidewall

Per Foot


Use under tents or on the deck to keep your guests warm.
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Canopy Fan

Hot out? Keep your guests cool with fans under the tent.
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